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Semi-soppy blog about luck!

Luck isn't only about finance, money, winning, succeeding...I'm currently on a break from all that 'reality stuff' and I would consider myself as very lucky. Lucky to have the best people around me who give me love and support when needed, bring me many fits of laughter and good times, a bottle of wine or 10 when needed, and then help empty them to smack the people who need it!!! (I'm only joking I'm not a violent person) !!! and generally make my life amazing. I have that. The ability to call friends 'family' and family 'friends' could be the poorest person with zero qualifications but still so very lucky if you have the people in your life that I do. I'm off to Australia to see the best sights, go from winter to summer overnight and hopefully gain an AUSSIE accent!!! I mean how cool is the AUSSIE accent?!...Yet I am lucky enough to be able to say that despite all this, despite having the best experience of my life, I will think of …