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A piece for my Grandad

Grandad Mills. This is who he was. A man who appreciated life and everybody in it right until the very end and he taught me to appreciate this too. He would constantly say what a wonderful life he has had and what a credit his friends and family are to him and his memories (of which I can pretty much recite off by heart)! His memory was something else. The stories he told from sixty years ago, although repeated most times we saw him, were never wrongly recited. Every detail, from the exact place to what he was wearing that day, was included. It’s who he was. He had so much energy and was most definitely the fittest 89-year-old I knew. I remember being shocked once when I was playing football in the garden and Grandad came running up dribbling the ball then scored. He must have been in his late 70s at this point. Amazing, but it’s who he was. He was a man of extreme intelligence and independence and sometimes as stubborn as a Mule. “Grandad you’re a bit too old to be cutting your own…