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University in a Nutshell

As a third year student who is gradually getting more and more terrified about post-uni/ real adult life, I thought this is an appropriate topic for a new post! Reminiscing the amazing years I've had, whilst trying desperately to hold onto the little time that we have left!

  I began in 2014, a fresher who had very little experience of the North - this concept that you get half way up the A1 and you're in new territory, a different country almost. I remember driving to York with my Mum, car full to the brim and a very tearful face on my part due to beginning a scary stage of life like no other. I was shitting it! I knew absolutely nobody and I was going to be moving in that day with four total strangers! We stopped at a service station for a bite to eat and I remember starting off again because everybody had a northern accent! Where were all the Suffolk twangs of farmer speak? It was so different and just didn't feel like home.

After Mum had left, I sat in my prison-like r…