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Two lives

Having just landed back in York after the best 6 week Christmas break at home (obviously NOT a ridiculous amount of time off AT all), I have been thinking about the two lives that I lead and how I never want this structure of my life to end, although I know that it inevitably will. I am sure if you reading this are or once were students then you'll feel the same about this stage of life, where you get the best of both worlds and a total life of bliss.

  Firstly I have my life at home, in a kooshty little village in Suffolk. If I were to use the term 'unique' to describe this place then I would not be doing it any justice. This place is beyond unique, so special and I do not think you'll find another village like it in the UK! Everybody knows each other, cares for each other and certainly drinks with each other. In fact my liver gets a shock each time I come home from the second I set foot on the streets of Moulton (despite the fact Uni life is pretty heavy on the drin…

New Year, new me...or something like that!

So along with millions of others I have made one or two new years resolutions that I hope to stick to for the duration of 2016. One of which is to write more as I have become a bit idle on this blog towards the end of 2015 with assignments and festivities taking over! The other is the generic 'lose weight/ be healthy' having gained a stone whilst at university...oops! But I thought how appropriate it would be to stay loyal to my first resolution in beginning the year with a post on just that...resolutions.

  We all make them, the 'new year new me' statuses flood our Facebook news feeds and do any of us stick to them?! Probably not. But there certainly is something in the air at this time of year that gives us the motivation to keep our self-promises for at least a week. The runners among us hit the January sales and purchase a brand new pair of trainers that aid them for the first few days of 'I'm going to run every day of the year...' until they give up. …