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A day in the life of "working" student.

Being in the end of my second year of university, things are beginning to get a tad stressful. Especially because it is May time so I have deadlines coming out of my ears, my dissertation to consider and the fear of the fact that my time as a student is almost over! Scary. Reality is not for me just yet so I shall pretend that it is ages away for now.

  I am the type of person who doesn't deal with stress and pressure too well - hence why I start essays a month or so before due date. For this reason, I strongly advise you NOT to follow my poor example, but here is a standard day in my student working life.

  I work best in the mornings and by this I mean those of which I am not hungover, which is rapidly decreasing due to another coping mechanism that I often use - alcohol. Yes, as soon as anything feels a bit too much my brain tells me to go to the Spar down my street and by a bottle (or two) or their finest wine! This happens rather too frequently but let's forget about that…