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A post for my village magazine... 'Summer is a coming!'

As the sun attempts to break through the clouds giving us the usual intermittent summer that we always get, we at the shop are keeping on our toes with many of you joining us and the coffee brigade no matter what weather England brings us!! Yes, on days when the rain is pouring, wind blowing and Mike shouting “Girls! Bring the awning in or it will go!!” - Still, some of you brave it in order to get your coffee fix, huddled with blankets! Kids swarming in after school using up all of the ice-cream machine's energy. Fran, as 'Mrs Machine' its humble assistant, produces marvellous displays of the stuff and Mike remains bottom of the league table of Ice-cream makers! I (Harriet) have just returned from Uni for my mammoth summer break and it is so lovely to see all the smiley familiar faces that frequent the shop and brighten the day whatever the weather. I still remember each customers little qwerks whether it's a particular mug that they like or how many grains of sugar t…