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The Land of Harry Potter, Heartbeat, Steam Trains and Waterfalls

This is a continuation of my Yorkshire tour - to Goathland and Grosmont. The deal went that I drove and Mum would fill the car up with petrol (tactical skills on my part) so off we went. With Mum's Sat Nav and BBC Radio 2 accompanying us along the journey (a sacrifice I had to make), we had an easy journey ahead. The country roads were treating us well, not much traffic and beautiful sunshine. All going great until we hit the moors.

  I didn't notice that we had entered the North Yorkshire Moors National Park area until a huge blanket of cloud covered the road so that I couldn't see a darn thing, just at the moment that we hit a sharp bend that descended rapidly downhill causing me almost to head straight off road into a pile of grazing sheep (i'm a good driver usually, I promise). It was at this point that I remembered this steep decline from my journey to Whitby last year - it is what I would most definitely class as a mountain. I carefully descended the massive gre…

Yorkshire Touring Part 2: Poor navigation, my logic and almost driving up a mountain.

As promised, here is an update on my tour de Yorkshire (just not on a bike) - a slightly less navigational successful week two!

  This week our destination was less than half of last weeks so again we sacrificed our Sat Nav for Spotify's top mixing. It'll be sign-posted, they said - it wasn't. 
  We got off the A64 into Malton and did a little tour around there (not because we were lost, no, we just love looking at cattle markets) and then turned up a road that the sign to Helmsley (our destination) could have been pointing to, we were unsure. At the end of this bending road we came to a crossroads with signs, none of which said Helmsely. At a guess we went straight over, having sat locked in decision for a while (luckily nobody was behind us) and carried on down another extremely bending road and soon realised we had definitely gone wrong (again). Eventually, we were back on track (we think) and keeping our fingers crossed to miraculously end up at Helmsley (we did) only …

Successful Navigation and Ribblehead Viaduct

As I tend to remind my readers fairly often because it is something which frequently scares the s*** out of me, the end of my life as a student and as I've known it for the last three years is fast approaching and so I am trying my absolute best to make the most of the weeks that I have left. As well as studies, alcohol driven Karaoke/ being a general embarrassment nights and exploring the beautiful city of York, my university experience has so much more to offer due to living in the truly English county that is North Yorkshire. So, with that in mind, and with my trusty Fiesta parked outside each day, I've decided to explore a new part of this huge county each week and I will be keeping you up to date with these explorations during the course of my final semester. We shall begin with successful week one!

  The first expedition we decided to take ourselves on was to Ribblehead Viaduct - or as I name it 'That Harry Potter Bridge' - with a few stop offs along the way. Lo…

My Cultural Enhancement: A Royal Week

At the start of my first seminar back at university after Christmas I was asked for the dreaded Icebreaker. It seemed an odd task since we were entering our final semester of third year and I hadn't been asked for one since welcome week but I went with it. I knew it'd be different to the usual 'favorite food', 'last book you read' ones of first year so I prepared myself. 'A Cultural Recommendation' - came the request from my teacher. Luckily I was sat on the back row so I had time to come up with something but it didn't help that my mind had gone completely blank. As people gave their suggestions of sophisticated books, films and unique travel locations, my mind remained blank so I gave the extremely inaccessible proposal of wine tasting in South Australia. I didn't intend on sounding like an alcoholic but it was the only semi-sophisticated culturally related thing I could think of recently doing, I felt severely uncultured. This feeling has les…