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University, I'll be forever grateful.

When asked the other day what my 'best bits' of Uni have been, the natural response that I returned with shocked me. Now, it may have been the wine talking but I was impressed with the answer I gave. An answer more than 'this one time I was sh**faced' or 'that really good result I got'. No, the answer I gave made me realise how beneficial my university experience has been on a deeper level.

Firstly, it's made me realise and take pride in the fact that I don't need to change around people. I mean, I've made so many friends at Uni don't get me wrong, but I act just as mad around them as I do at home. I've realised that no matter how bonkers or random you are, there will always be people who love you for that very reason. If you're a plain Jane, quiet and to yourself - people will love you for that too. I lack a filter, get a bit loud when I drink, wear my heart on my sleeve and sometimes overwhelm myself with my emotions, but I'm still …