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This afternoon I decided to take myself Christmas shopping because two and a half days studying resulted in me longingly eyeing up an empty bottle of wine at 12:00pm on a Monday, wishing it would refill itself so I could pour myself a large glass - and that's no good for anyone on a Monday. 

  While walking the short walk into York city centre I was happy, chilled-out and nice and toasty in my new fur coat. This mood soon changed as soon as I hit the cobble streets by the shops. Christmas shopping is meant to be fun, enjoyable and relaxing - especially considering the fact that it is still only November!! But, people don't look around them, they think they are the only people in the world and are pure rude. With this in mind, and while being bashed about by shopping bags left, right and centre, I came up with a theory about this situation that I found myself in.
  You know at school in every class there was always a couple of people or a small group who acted just as everyone …

The Musical Experience

So, being one of those people who lack talent in every aspect of musical theatre but having friends who are very successful in it, I've always admired the casts of musicals. Whether it's been in the West End or various theatres up and down the country or locally in Bury St Edmunds, I always love a trip to a musical. I come out after feeling so happy and usually attempting to sing all the songs, annoying people around me for days after due to a lack of singing capabilities on my part.

Recently I went to see the 25th Anniversary performance of Miss Saigon which blew me away as it always does. I saw it live on stage in the West End last year but this was a recording of their 2014 performance and it was shown in the cinema. The fact it was a recording of a live performance did not make me any less impressed and I loved every minute despite welling up before anything sad had even happened - so moving. After the amazing performance was shown the finale topped it off where the origi…

KT Tunstall and the post gig hype

So I am writing this post having just returned from the York Barbican as I felt I needed to write it while still feeling the post gig hype so that you readers can feel this with me (though I admit I am in my onesie already because this place is freezing!!).

  I absolutely love the feeling that you get after going to see someone perform live and KT was no exception. She completely owned the stage from her ability to loop the loop on the guitar pedal using various lush looking guitars, sing like a rock-star, entertain the crowd with so much banter and even mash in some Seven Nation Army while she's at it. Even the songs I had not yet heard made me want to dance and she kept the crowd so involved that people of all ages were up and enjoying themselves - from the over 60s in the wings to a little girl of about 7 moshing at the front. Not to mention when my favourite 'Other Side...' came on and the phone torches were swaying I was absolutely loving life belting every word (ba…