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The Magnificence and Struggles of being Twenty (something)

What an age to be - twenty something, what a blissful decade to be part of. Most people will tell you that your twenties are the very best years of your life, and I strongly agree with each and every ‘real adult’ who says this. By the term ‘real adult’, with which you may not be familiar, I mean those with fully functioning lives, including real responsibilities and, in many cases, restraints. You know the type - house, kids, job, husband, maybe even a dog. I wouldn’t put myself in this category because I haven’t yet reached the ‘real adult’ phase. I am a ‘practicing adult’, like the opposite of a practicing Christian – I am at the age which defines me as an adult but I don’t want to be one just yet. I still have the freedom to jet off and explore the world if I so wish, without having to arrange childcare or a dog sitter.
I am currently a student and what better life could I wish for? It is an ideal time where I lead two separate lives, almost, especially as I have chosen to study aw…

Just another saga in my unique brain.

So, as a kind of New Year resolution I have decided to refrain from saying every single thing that pops into my head out loud to pretend to the public that I have a brain. However, I have found a big issue in this because despite not saying thoughts out loud I still think them just inside but can't hide this on my face resulting in me doing the most mundane things yet grinning like the Cheshire cat. For this reason, I am going to let you in on one of my many progressively randomly spectacular thoughts that I had this morning.

  I was sat doing uni work and suddenly found the urge to listen to music which led to half an hours procrastination before casting my eyes at the clock and realising with disgust that I hadn't eaten for over an hour! Disgraceful. Now, bearing in mine I wasn't yet dressed or showered I had a lot to think about. Stay with me. 

  To begin with, I had to decide how much longer I could give myself listening to Ed Sheeran's new songs on repeat pretendi…