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Social Media: the good, the bad and that's how it is

We've all had that moment when the list of everything that we have to complete that day is buzzing around our head, but it's OK because it's only...MIDDAY? How did that happen? Then, we look into the palm of our hand and see our fingers scrolling through post after post on Facebook. Most of which we've already seen or read but we may as well waste more time and read it again, right? This activity is definitely more common in younger people, but I am certainly not accepting that this only happens to people born after 1994. Yes, the social media bug has sifted its way through generations and even my Grandad 'loves' posts on Facebook and knows about my graduation before I've rang him to have the old fashioned conversation.

I'm not saying that my Grandad and others in their seventies and eighties reach for their phone to see updates first thing and that it's the last thing they see before going to sleep at night, but it is contagious and it's defini…

Merry Fauxmas and a Happy New Year!

I love the festive season and everything that comes with it. Joyful faces, hilarious panics to get everything you need when in reality the only thing you cannot forget is the turkey, the parties, the food...even the music doesn't get on my nerves too much. Then, each year when it's all over, that one day, I think to myself - really?

I was wandering around Waitrose the day after Boxing Day and laughed at how quiet and empty it was compared to Christmas Eve. The shelves full of reductions because they've obviously panic-ordered too. The calmness that filled the shop and how much time has passed - two days? I just wanted a pan au chocolat and some wine and was in and out in a flash, stress free. The total opposite scenario to Christmas Eve.

It's laughable how much hype is involved for just one day. All the preparations and anxieties to be over in 24 hours. Not even 24 hours, more like 12 at a push because everyone is in a food coma by 7pm, let's be honest. We all pict…

Five positives a day keeps the doom and gloom away!

A friend of mine and I have recently started writing down five positive things at the end of each day. They can be anything from "an extra half hour in bed" to "a really good chat with so and so" or "a beautiful walk" and the noticeable effects upon my personal mindset (already) have been amazing.

I'm no depressive and I know I have a good life. I love and appreciate all of my friends and family so much and often look outside of my bedroom window thinking what a lovely view I have of the smallest part of this huge world (which has been a positive on more than one day so far). So I do feel that I am, and often I get told I am, a happy person.

However, as much as you try to focus on the positives in life, there are always times when you fall into the trap of a stressful day when nothing seems to be going your way and instantly everything is, quite frankly, shit. Sometimes that smile I plaster over my face is an inward cry for help because in reality, in…