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Grasmere, Lake District vs anything bigger than a village

So, I have recently returned from a three day stay in Grasmere which is a tiny village within the giant district of the Lakes. As lovely as it was, with the beautiful scenery surrounding this tiny place, sheep filling the field and lambs laying on the backs of their mums, Grasmere did give me and my friends a few laughs along the way!

   Coming from a rural background, it was not too different to what I expected until I took a stroll down to the center of the village to find that there was one single pub, which happened to be where both teacher's were staying. Yes, the next closest pub was 3 miles away, surrounded by nothing but fields on a B road which had about two vehicles travelling along it every hour - one of which was the local bus service delivering bored teenagers to the nearest and slightly busier "town", hourly. We did seek out this pub as one of the only decent places to eat which sold reasonably priced beverages and this was such a good idea until after a few…

A post about springtime is an absoloute must.

OK, so we are fully into the swing of spring and how I have not yet 'blogged' about this, I do not know. Easter has just past, the sun has been shining, the Daffodils and other pretty coloured flowers (of which I know no names because I am not Alan Titchmarsh) have bloomed. Looking out of my window, I feel so lucky to have the view of a field full of bouncing lambs, full of life and happiness, so sweet and so innocent. The trees, of which I have been moaning about since I have been back from Australia, are finally showing signs of life in the buds on their branches. The air is feeling warmer. The World is seeming brighter. Sounds of lawnmowers and the smell of freshly cut grass, bring that beautiful season of summer closer and closer. Take a moment to appreciate your surroundings. The tweeting of... no not Twitter tweeting...but the actual real life tweeting of the birds. Ducks and Geese waddling along, followed by cute bundles of tiny fluff - their babies. Streams glistenin…