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TRAIN ENCOUNTER: Mutton dressed as lamb, online dating and the dodgy guy

I must admit, I did have to scroll through my posts to make sure I had not written on this topic before, or at least for a while because it is a big bug bear of mine. I recently travelled to Scarborough from Ely (a good 3 hour trip) and during the journey I really felt somebody up there was not on my side. I was, and always am, placed near or next to the most irritating human beings to roam this planet, I mean they give you the option to choose the positioning of your seat, but I would much prefer the choice of type of people that you will be sitting near.

  The first encounter of stupid people that I came across was from a woman who defined 'mutton dressed as lamb' with the shortest mini skirt on, tattoos up her legs, knickers on show and greasy hair, shouting at the top of her lungs whilst on the phone to her husband, how cramped the train was and bragging about the fight that she almost go in earlier that day - lovely!

  My attention then turned to a blonde lady, this time …

TECHNOLOGY: our ridiculous reliance, but its (mostly) simplifying and positive effect.

Technology, something in this day and age which quite frankly you cannot escape! I was urged to write about this just this morning when it came to my attention that I was checking the weather forecast in order to decipher my outfit for the day... on my phone. There I was getting more and more frustrated at my iPhone 5 because it was being sluggishly slow, when it occurred to me - I live in a house, which is right next door to the outdoors, which is where weather happens, therefore it tells me that very instant whether it is raining or dry. With the flick of a curtain I found out, despite the fact that my phone was still stuck on Sunday's forecast, that it was a drizzly morning but warm, so cropped trousers would be sufficient!

  With all elaboration aside, technology really has made us act in a stupid manner. We hold our phones as if they are the equivalent to a life support machine needed to keep us alive and if we dropped them we would instantly die. This is extremely apparent …