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Grandad, I wish I could tell you

As it's nearing a year since my beloved Grandad passed away and recently I've been thinking about him lots, I thought I'd dedicate my newest blog post to the lovely man. This time in my life is so important. It's refreshing and exciting too, but SO important. The decisions I make over the next 6 months will change my life and the experiences I am about to have while travelling will enhance me for the better (I think). 

That post university feeling is a strange one as I'm sure many of you are aware, and so far I am happy how I've planned it. I have allowed some time in comfort at home enjoying my summer with travels to look forward to before the stress that is applications and interviews begins. With this comfort period, I've had time to reflect and realise I've changed in my person (hopefully) for the better, noticing my qualities and keeping a positive mindset for that scary job market waiting in the new year. However, my mind goes into a bit of turmoil…

Two Bimbos in Bali

Bali - a place packed full of culture and tradition (and about 50,000 Aussies). I've just returned and think I have finally defeated Jet Lag and thought I'd give you a guide to this beautiful place. Here is how two very British and not so intelligent (it seems) girls got on on a celebratory end of Uni budget holiday. 

The FlightAs we sat staring at the in-flight information screen a bit bored and cramped after almost thirteen hours on a plane, two very questionable statements were expressed. Firstly, looking at the word 'Equator' and pronouncing it 'Eh-quah-tor', I exclaimed "I thought that was in Africa, but it appears to keep moving?". No, you utter moron. You're mistaking it with 'Ecuador' which is actually pronounced 'Eh-qua-dor', and it's in South America (yep, may have just Googled that). The equator, pronounced 'eh-qway-ter' is that thin line that goes around the entire world.
Laughing and somewhat shocked as you p…