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The 'Unbirthday' Queen

This is the title that I like to give myself - especially after this year's birthday fiasco! Though people claim that the next big birthday after your 21st is the big 3 0, I have changed this tradition and decided that 22 is just as worthy of a prolonged celebration (as is, I am sure, 23 and 24 and so on). Besides, it was my last birthday at uni (cries) so I had to make the most of it and this is how it went.

  Approximately 1.5 months before, I pre-warned people of the potential plans ensuring that I'd have at least a few friends company at each event. Then, the week before I accidentally ended up going out every night (obviously tactfully to line my liver but unintentionally otherwise) and got prepped. Then the actual birthday celebrations began - only a week before the big 2 2.

  Thursday: My sister and her boyfriend visited wanting typical English pubs and that they got. We went on a bar crawl in York, the home of 'typical English pub pubs', consisting of 7 pubs and …

The Responsible Drunk

How many times do you hear drinkers claim responsibility? The whole "I'll come out but just for one drink" is the biggest lie out there and we all know that two hours later you'll be the only one dancing on the floor because it is a Tuesday night and nobody is in Flares (not talking from personal experience AT all). There's also the "I'm going to be so well-behaved and not make a fool out of myself" which is another total lie. Under the sweet influence of alcohol this never happens. My personal favorite/ one I often use myself is "I'm on the pull tonight, got to look hot" - biggest impossibility ever. My level of sophistication drops dramatically once I have had my usual bottle of wine before leaving the house (oops) so this statement has never yet come true. At least I haven't remained sophisticated past lets say 8pm on average - great track record, I know!

  HOWEVER. I have a little story for you all which I am extremely proud o…