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Appreciate That Moment

We all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life from time to time and sometimes we need reminding of the cliche stuff. It often takes something to be nearing the end for us to really appreciate it. I have found myself recently listening to the cliche notion above and acknowledging the truth in it. 

I am in my final month of university, one of the biggest and most important chapters of my life which will stay with me forever and I am experiencing a new attitude. Initially I freaked out and panicked (cried a lot) at the thought of it all coming to the end, but then I told myself to get a grip and just appreciate what the time left has to offer. It's all about that positive mental attitude and I'm loving life in this current mindset. 

Yesterday I sat eating my breakfast and appreciated it. I walked to my final lectures in the cold lecture hall and loved it. I got too drunk on a Monday night, woke the next day with a stonking headache and laughed it off, continuing wi…

My Life Right Now

Stressful. Exciting. Half of the time I am living in blissful ignorance, wine in the sun, meeting friends for brunch at 11am and pretending that student life is not almost over. But then I feel guilty. The rest of my time I'm feeling the pressure. Feeling the judgmental eyes of pensioners claiming it wasn't as easy as I have it in their day and laughing when I tell them my travel plans. Maybe I do have it easier, but we all have different stories. 

I'm not claiming that student life isn't awesome because it is. And it is an easy life too, to a certain extent; the lengthy holidays, lack of contact hours, cheap drinks - the list goes on. We are all allowed to joke about it, but I do think that sometimes people misunderstand the ease of post graduate life in the job market. I do live a lovely life at the moment but I also work, constantly think about my future career, still have studies going on and with only a month of Uni left (as I'm constantly reminded) I find myse…