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York 9AM Daily

So mid-way through last semester I began a fitness regime. By this I mean I started actually doing some form of physical activity to compensate my rubbish diet of too many snacks and not enough veg, with a rather large amount of alcohol to help it go down. I then had a break during my six week Christmas holidays because I was working too hard and eating too much (any excuse), but I have just got back into it and plan on continuing this time.

  Due to the fact that I haven't got a single 9AM contact hour at uni all week until Friday, I use running as a way to force myself out of bed and prevent me from turning into a sloth for 12 weeks. This has proved successful for the past two mornings, although I did have to give myself a talking to and cancel out all the excuses I was making: still recovering from my cough? Nope, that was last week's excuse. It's raining? Well, it wasn't. I haven't got my running was folded in a neat pile on the floor ready to go. S…