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"Google It"

Metamorphoses, the idea of transforming; from species to object, to flower, to animal, changing of Sex- so many different forms. A transformation which lasts longer than a lifetime, is that of things through time. 'Things' in terms of technology, fashions, the way in which we think, speak, interpret.
Back then, they watched the Coronation on screens the size of a DVD case, at their friend's house who is lucky enough to have one, all crowded around as not many people did, and "what on earth is a DVD?", would be their reaction to the use of such a term. No colour. Today, we watch the Diamond Jubilee and over five hundred different channels on a box as big as a house, occasionally with glasses o, making the characters come to life, colour everywhere.

  Back then, it took longer to dial and you were to remain in one spot while speaking- round to the '0' and back, round to the '2'. Whereas, today, our phones contain our life, fit snugly in our pockets,…


Interesting concept, strange.

  Having recently embarked on my newest adventure at university, the topic of “time” has been fairly prominent. How much time you need to dedicate to your studies, how little time you are actually in lectures, how much time you spend drinking, how little some of us remember. But what really struck me, is the constant mention of how quick time passes. I mean, my gap year went so fast it almost seems as if it never happened! My childhood, at a similar pace. And these next three years of my studies, I am sure of it, will speed by as well. Adults (I think I'm also supposed to fit into that category, but I mean like proper adults; job, family, sensible...well?) constantly tell me to “make the most of it all”. Youth passes so quickly, you are twenty and then fifty thinking how did I get here. I have already experienced looking back and wondering where the past decade has gone. It is that same scenario of driving your car to a familiar place, somewhere you…